Movavi iCopy 1.2.2

Movavi LTD
7.4 MB
Operating System
Windows Vista Windows Xp
Shareware Trial
iphone and ipod

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Movavi iCopy 1.2.2

Movavi iCopy is an indispensable addition to your iPod / iPhone media library. Use it to transfer iPod content to iTunes. Move your videos, music, podcasts, and playlists between iPods and PCs. Backup your iPod or iPhone – now there’s no risk of losing your iTunes collection!

With Movavi iCopy, you can move all your iPod music and videos back to iTunes. Rest assured, you are not facing a scary 4 GB heap of files: iCopy will flawlessly sort video and audio content and preserve all your playlists.

Just check the Add to iTunes check box and iTunes will give you total control over your music and videos.


  • Transfer music and video from iPod or iPhone to iTunes
  • Secure your iPod / iPhone media content by copying it to your PC
  • Backup iPod and iPhone music, podcasts, and videos in three simple steps
  • Move media content between multiple iPhones or iPods
  • Enjoy your media files on any PC at work or at home
  • Work with iPhone and all iPod models
  • Get all your iPod or iPhone files automatically organized by playlists
  • Access all this functionality through an intuitive, straightforward interface


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