Music Rescue 4.0.9

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iphone and ipod

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(Win) Music Rescue 4.0.9 (Mac) Music Rescue 4.0.9

Your music library is precious. It contains all those memories of your youth, or that first dance. With an iPod, it helps you work out, keeps you company when you drive and drowns out that noisy train ride into the city. Unfortunately, your music library is fragile. If your computer dies and takes your music with it, you still have your iPod, right? However, iTunes only lets you transfer tracks bought from the iTunes Store back to your new/fixed computer. What about those tracks ripped from CD, or lovingly recorded from your vinyl collection?

Enter Music Rescue – the answer to your nightmare. Music Rescue will copy your music, video, podcasts, audiobooks, audio recordings and notes right back to where they came from, be it iTunes, a custom media server or anything else.

Music Rescue works just as well on Windows as it does on the Mac. Don’t be fooled by all the Mac screenshots here – we just made this page on a Mac. Music Rescue for Windows works just the same as the Mac version, and the interface is almost identical. If you purchase a Music Rescue license, it will work with both Windows and Mac versions of Music Rescue.


  • Copies media from an iPod to your computer.
  • Adds tracks to iTunes and rebuilds playlists.
  • Supports all current iPods, including iPhone.
  • Compares iPod contents to local iTunes library.
  • Simple recovery of all media on your iPod.


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