Outnumbered 1.0

Veiled Games
1.9 MB
iphone and ipod

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Outnumbered 1.0

Outnumbered is a 3D iPhone game where one player fights to survive and the other sends waves of enemies to attack.

Control the Omega Neurobot Eliminator as you battle against impossible odds, and countless robotic enemies. The longer you survive, and the farther you travel, the higher your score. Conserve your ammo for your 4 weapons, and collect rare munitions, buffs, and bombs.

The other player controls the Multiple Autonomous Neurobot Yield. View the world from a top down perspective, and control which of the six kinds of enemy neurobots are being spawned, and where. From your unique perspective, you have the ability to create the most danger and destruction for your opponent, the ONE.

When the ONE is destroyed, the players’ roles are reversed, and the player with the highest score wins!

Featuring heart-pounding gameplay, exhilarating music, and full 3D action, Outnumbered is going to rock your robotic world.

Watch out the Trailer of Outnumbere.


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