PicsAid 1.11

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iphone and ipod

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(Win) PicsAid 1.11 (Mac) PicsAid 1.11

Apple’s iTunes lets you copy to iPod or iPhone your favorite pictures through syncronised albums. But this sync fearure only works one way: from computer to device, and it does not allow to copy photos back, nor sharing them anyhow!

Your photos remain stuck in the device’s proprietary database (ithmb). So how to transfer photos back to your computer ?

PicsAid lets you transfer to PC or Mac the pictures that had been imported to iPod or iPhone photo albums.

PicsAid will allow retrieval of all the pictures that were synced with iTunes. In the event of a computer crash or simply in order to freely share pictures, PicsAid will allow to copy all synced albums to any computer you like, allowing sharing and recovery of those precious captures!


  • All iPods and iPhone compatible
  • PC Windows & Mac OS X compatible
  • One click Copy to Folder
  • Drag & Drop with Finder or Windows Explorer
  • Allows copy of all iTunes synced pictures
  • Photo album support
  • Includes pictures thumbnails for easy preview
  • Great for sharing pictures, essential for recovery in case of computer failure!
  • Switching from PC to Mac, Mac to PC? Doesn’t matter! PicsAid is natively Cross-Platform
  • Auto detection feature, just plugin it in!
  • For iPhone and iPod Touch, no jailbreak needed
  • iPad support will be available soon!
  • PC Windows (XP, Vista, 7) & Mac Intel based OS X (Leopard, Snow Leopard)
  • Supported iPhone OS versions : 1.1.1 to 3.1.3


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