Stellar Phoenix iPod Recovery 2.0

Stellar Phoenix iPod Recovery is the software designed with the unique ability to recover all your music files, graphics, videos, documents and other contents from iPod. If your iPod is suffering from any kind of corruption or damage, data has got deleted or some related problems are troubling you like the popping up of some related error messages, this iPod data recovery is the best ever made utility for recovering the data in such situations.

Available for both Mac and Windows operating systems, the software recognizes each file format for iPod recovery from inaccessible iPod. The software is found to be compatible with all the generations of iPod, recovering each bit of your information effectively.


  • Viable for all data iPod contents including music files, video files, pod casts, audio books, graphic files and documents
  • iPod recovery in the file deletion case
  • Restoration of the play list in the same order after recovery
  • Graphically rich user interface
  • Compatible with all generations of iPod like iPod classic, iPod Mini, iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano and iPod Touch
  • Complete and valuable iPod recovery from formatted or crashed media
  • Read-only utility to ensure no-write operation
  • Find File, File Mask and File Filter options to help you search, view and recover any specific file type.
  • Available for Windows and Macintosh operating systems


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