Television for iPhone and iPod

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Television for iPhone and iPod

The name says it all…this app lets you watch TV on your phone. Watch 50 shows from 30 channels on demand. It’s not live TV, but the best pre-recorded content from the USA, UK, France and Germany. Get the latest news, sports and entertainment on your iPhone or Google Android phone. Television allows you to watch TV whenever and wherever you like, with the touch of a finger. No need to download the content first, like podcasts in iTunes, but watch instantly, on-demand via WiFi.

Includes 20 English language channels, such as CNN, NBC, CBS, MTV, Comedy Central, VH1 and many more. British TV from the BBC, ITV and SKY. Australian, French and German channels are also included. We’ve picked the best available content from around the web and put it in an easy to use iPhone app. With daily updated content, Television keeps you informed when on the go. Get the latest headlines on your iPhone or iPod Touch.



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