Adivo TechWriter for Websites 2009 1.5

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Adivo TechWriter for Websites 2009 1.5

TechWriter for Websites is a documentation generator for websites that leverages the information locked inside your HTML pages to automatically produce website reference documentation.

Produce Automated Website Documentation:

  • Save time and money.  Instead of spending hours writing and formatting technical documentation from scratch, you can finish the job in seconds with TechWriter.  Creating your first reference document is only a few mouse clicks away.
  • Keep Synchronized.  Nobody likes outdated system documentation.  By including TechWriter in your site design process your documentation can be regenerated as your web pages change.
  • Easily target different audiences.  Give your readers documentation they can understand by editing and expanding on the descriptions of your pages, images, media, style sheets and Javascript files.
  • Choose your output format.  Create both printed and online documentation at the same time. TechWriter can generate your documentation in PDF, Compiled Help (CHM), Word/RTF and HTML formats.
  • Document multiple web sites.  TechWriter supports documenting all types of websites from static HTML to server-side scripted sites.  And best of all, you can mix and match them to produce a single document that describes multiple websites.


  • Website Files Documented
    • Web pages and images.
    • Embedded media such as Flash.
    • CSS Style Sheet and Javascript files.
    • Cross References.
  • Supported Output Formats 
    • PDF (Portable Document Format)
    • Compiled Help / HTML Help 1.x File (CHM)
    • Word/RTF (DOC)
    • HTML Page (single-page HTML)
    • Web Site (multi-page HTML)
  • Advanced Filtering
    • Filter the pages, images, embedded media, style sheet and Javascript files that you want to include or exclude through an easy-to-use checkbox interface.
    • Filter based on wildcard patterns that match the names of your website files.
  • Annotations 
    • WYSIWYG annotation editor for adding and revising website descriptions and remarks.
    • Rich content model that supports formatting of paragraphs, lists, hyperlinks and more.
    • Import and export annotations to and from comma-delimited and XML files.
  • Customizations 
    • Custom language file allows over 80 alternate values for output headings and text.  Can be used to support other languages or produce highly customized output.
    • Control the level of detail included in the topic page for each website file by selecting from over 30 sections of conditional content.
  • Optional Command Line Interface 
    • Can be called from build tools (e. g. MSBuild, Ant, NAnt).
    • Parameters allow you to specify the project file, output type and a refresh switch.
  • PDF Output Features 
    • Printable table of contents with page numbers and hyperlinks
    • Bookmarks for navigation
    • Printable index with page numbers and hyperlinks
    • Page headers and footers
  • Compiled Help Output Features 
    • Table of contents for navigation
    • Search tab for full-text searching
    • Index tab containing generated index terms
    • Page headers and footers
  • Web Site/HTML Page Output Features 
    • Template-driven output
    • Configurable top-level page name
    • Configurable table of contents
  • Word/RTF Output Features 
    • Table of contents
    • Page headers and footers


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