Bingo Caller Pro 1.5.0

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Bingo Caller Pro

Bingo Caller Pro provides a complete bingo experience for users wanting more features than those provided by the free Bingo Caller. Bingo Caller Pro is $10 shareware and can be tried in Demo Mode for ten minutes after each launch without registration.

Version 1.5.0 increased the field and font size for Next Number readability and rearranged the controls slightly.

When you open Bingo Caller Pro, you see the window which is suitable for a display with 800 x 600 pixel resolution. Bingo Caller Pro can be used with a projector and an audio system for a large gathering or just used on a Mac for personal use. Although Bingo Caller Pro can be used with OS 10.2 or later, the voices included with Leopard (10.5) are much better.

Flash Board: The Flash Board displays the full range of 75 numbers in the appropriate rows of B through O with 15 numbers each. These black numbers have a white background which turns yellow when called.

Bonanza Games: When Bonanza is selected, the quantity of pre-called numbers can be chosen from 38 to 45 for the Setup.

Automatic or Manual "Calling": BCP allows the numbers to be called automatically at an adjustable rate or at the discretion of the Operator.

Sound: If preferred, the numbers can be called using the voice of the computer. Sound is always ON during a Speedy game and during Call Back.

Speedy Game: When Speedy is selected, most of the text is changed to Red. The Full Card is shown as the Winning Pattern, but a different Winning Pattern can be selected, and a second alternating Winning Pattern can be added. In Automatic mode, the numbers are called at a rapid pace. The calling rate can be adjusted using the "Calling Speed" slider. Sound is ON automatically during a Speedy game, and only the Letter and Number are called.

Winning Patterns: BCP supports up to two Winning Patterns. If two Winning Patterns are selected, the Winning Pattern display alternates between the Patterns. The "Patterns Maintenance Window" menu item brings up a window to allow the Operator to create or to edit Winning Patterns.


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