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Is your mobile device becoming more sluggish as you install more applications and store more data on your storage cards? Does it take forever to start up and run programs? Your invisible enemy is called "file system fragmentation". It is the number one cause for slow file system performance and the major rival of successful data recovery.

Fragmentation refers to the tendency of files, stored in the FAT file system, to become broken into pieces that can end up in very different places within a storage card volume. Fragmentation occurs naturally with time when a storage card is used frequently creating, deleting, and modifying files. This process is entirely invisible to users.

Enter Wizcode Defragment Mobile the world’s most efficient and powerful Windows Mobile storage card defragmenter and file system optimizer now featuring Wizcode’s FlashBoost flash memory optimization technology and Wizcode’s DirBoost folder sorting.

Blazingly fast, supporting all three FAT formats (FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32), and with the new FlashBoost® feature specifically designed for flash memory optimization, the defragmenter will rearrange the files on your storage card like children’s tile puzzles until all files and folders become contiguous, and folder contents become alphabetically sorted for maximum performance.

Without Wizcode Defragment Mobile on your mobile device file system fragmentation will steadily bring down system performance and generate fragmentation related problems such as slowdowns, freezes, crashes and more.

Defragmenting a very fragmented storage card will often result in tangible improvements in the "feel" of the disk. To avoid excessive fragmentation, defragment on a regular basis; usually once every week or two is sufficient.


  • Removes file system fragmentation
  • Automatically defragments storage cards when the device is rebooted
  • Integrated error checking code to prevent defragmentation disasters
  • Sorts directory contents alphabetically for improved performance (DirBoost®)
  • FlashBoost feature to align files with physical flash card blocks
  • RAM defragmentation resulting in application-wide improvements in memory footprint
  • Supports command line parameters
  • Supports all FAT file systems 

Technical specifications:

  • Supported Windows CE versions:

    • Windows Mobile 6
    • Windows Mobile 5
    • Windows Mobile 2003 / Second edition
  • Supported screen resolutions:
    • WVGA portrait (800×480)
    • WVGA landscape (480×800)
    • VGA portrait (640×480)
    • VGA landscape (480×640)
    • QVGA portrait (320×240)
    • QVGA landscape (240×320)
    • Square (240×240)
    • Square Hi-res (480×480)


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