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Guitar Touch Paino Drummer Photo

Feel like strumming your favourite tune? Enjoy the experience of a real guitar on your Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. Let your touch create music.
– 126 different chord combinations
– Pre-loaded songs to inspire you

Touch Paino
Longing to play a piano? Enjoy the experience of a real piano on your Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. Go ahead let your touch create music.
– 17 key piano preloaded with songs
– Five instrument sounds: Piano, Violin, Flute, Saxophone, Guitar
– Smart skins for that personalised look

Want to drum up a storm? Enjoy the experience of a real drum on your Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. Forget drum sticks, let your touch create music.
– Enjoy real drum sound effects
– Pre-loaded songs to inspire you
– Choose from four funky skins to personalise your drums

It’s time to create some soothing music. Watch your Nokia 5800 XpressMusic transform into a real flute. Blow in the microphone, tap the holes displayed on the screen and voila, you have a flute in your hands!
– Original flute feel – sensitive to breath, movements, and touch with real sound effects
– Four skins to choose from
– Three pre-loaded tunes to inspire you

Jal Tarang
Master one of the oldest musical instruments in the world. Enjoy the experience of a real JalTarang on your Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. Let your touch create classical Indian ragas and light melodies.
– Pre-loaded songs to inspire you
– Four skins to choose from

In the mood for some Salsa? Shake it up with the experience of real maracas on your Nokia 5800 XpressMusic.
– Real Maracas sound effects
– Shake the phone like you shake a Maracas
– Four distinct skins to match your moods

SMS Timer
SMS Timer allows you to schedule SMS/MMS messages to be sent on a future date and time. The application functions exactly like the standard messaging application allowing you to define multiple recipients.
– Scheduling of Birthday wishes or Season’s greetings well in advance
– Sending a message to someone in a different time zone so that it does not reach him at unearthly hours
– Regularly checking your bank account balance by scheduling periodic information request messages and not worry about it

Smart Guard
Smart Guard protects all your private information (e.g. Messages, Contacts, Videos, Pictures etc.) both on the phone’s internal memory and on the memory card. Thus it is visible only to the one who holds the passcode.
– Simply hand over your phone to anyone, without worrying about data privacy
– Keep business information or secrets hidden in the best manner and avoid casual browsing on the phone
– Feel protected & at peace of mind against any untoward incident

The ultimate security application for your phone. It not only helps you track the lost phone but also ensures full security of the data on the device.

– Track the lost/stolen device via Buddy Notification or over the Internet
– Remotely Lock the lost/stolen device, so that nobody can misuse the device & data
– Take a Backup of your data including Contacts, SMSs, Calendar Entries & Call Logs
– Erase the data on the stolen device to avoid misuse
– Restore the data back onto your device once you find it or even restore it on a new device which has WaveSecure installed

Easy Reject (Call & SMS Spam Blocker)
Always wanted to keep those unwanted calls and messages at bay? ‘Easy Reject’, the smart auto-reject tool is at your rescue. Reject calls with a busy tone. Get messages filtered silently to view and restore them later.

Following are some situations where ‘Easy Reject’ will prove handy:
– Not get disturbed by low priority calls when you don’t want to attend to them
– Avoid calls from unknown numbers
– Protect from call & SMS SPAM
– Keep your SMS communication private in a separate message box
Easy Reject comes with the following unique features:

– Indicator on your phone’s status bar which shows when ER is active
– Auto-start mode
– Various contact import options – import from phone log, phonebook or manually

Cricket Widget
It’s time to put an end to the woes of seeking information on your favourite sport. Keep yourself updated with the latest on Cricket. The Cric Info Widget brings to you real time ball by ball update of matches being played. Not only that, you can also check the Match Summary & Scorecard and brag about your knowledge on Cricket.
And when there are no matches being played keep a track of upcoming matches, latest news on cricket, and browse through the photograph section at leisure to reminisce the record breaking moments of cricket in the past.
The widget can be customised to your device screen & uses very less amount of GPRS data.

My Ringtone
Bored of using ringtones created by someone else? Let the composer in you lay hands on this new ‘My Ringtone’ application and create your own ringtones.
Choose a favourite portion of a song and convert it into a Ringtone. You can even create a Ringtone fusion by merging 3 songs or parts thereof at a time. The fusion can even be saved as a song for your listening pleasure.


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