Nokia E75 Psiloc World Traveler

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Nokia E75 Psiloc World Traveler

World Traveler is a service that is aimed to make a traveler’s life easier. It allows planning and managing the journey activities and provides instant access to valuable and relevant information and services. World Traveler is contextual based on a travel plan and location. World Traveler includes a number of free services/ plug-ins:

  • Weather – a 5 day weather forecast report and a current condition of around 2200 of the most popular travel locations worldwide.
  • World Clock – 4 analog/ digital clocks showing local time depending on the current location of the device.
  • Currencies – automatic currency converter according to the local exchange rates. The currencies plug-in support daily closing values of 184 currency exchange rates.
  • World Map – a moving 3D globe with day/ night zones, shows on the map any location selected by the user.


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