Pocket Alarm v2.18.5

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Never miss an appointment or overlook an alarm again. Create recurring MP3 alarms with handwritten notes. See upcoming alarms on the Today screen of your device. Create, edit, view and delete complex recurring or pattern-based alarms. Launch applications on alarm. Download the fully featured 30-day trial version of PocketAlarm and give it a try now!


  • Unlimited number of alarms
  • Set recurring alarms (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Single or repeating alarms
  • Set the time of the alarm or the time before the alarm goes on
  • Turn off alarms
  • Play standard Windows sounds
  • Play user defined sound files (.WAV, .MP3, .OGG)
  • Launch a user defined application when an alarm goes on
  • Automatically delete an alarm after it goes off
  • Show specific alarms on the Today screen
  • Create, view and edit alarms, mute sound, access settings from the Today screen plugin
  • Associate handwritten notes and voice recordings with an alarm
  • Disable, snooze or delete alarms with a single click when they go on
  • Blink LED on alarm
  • Configure alarm presets
  • Obey system volume, escalating or fixed volume settings
  • Vibrate on alarm (if device supports that)
  • Configure number of repeats and the time between repeats
  • Configure alarm duration
  • Speak the current time on configurable interval of time
  • Integration with the hardware device keys
  • Bilingual (English/Russian) languages, more languages coming soon!
  • Free fully featured 30 day trial version 


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