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Pocket Mechanic Professional is a leading Windows Mobile maintenance utility and winner of the Pocket PC Magazine Best Software Awards 2008 and Handster Best Software Awards 2009. Pocket Mechanic Professional will keep your device in perfect shape with a robust arsenal of powerful maintenance tools.

With Pocket Mechanic Professional you can Optimize your device for peak performance, detect and repair common problems, relocate data and installed applications to storage cards, increase free memory and format, defragment, scan and repair storage cards.


  • Outlook maintenance – clean and repair issues
  • Cleanup and repair notification queue problems
  • Defragment entire volumes or individual files
  • Defragment and optimize the application heap (RAM)
  • Scan flash cards for errors and repair them
  • Relocate installed applications and data
  • Completely uninstall installed applications
  • Analyze the storage card slack space
  • Logical and low-level storage card format
  • Registry cleanup
  • Find the largest files on your device
  • Find the largest folders on your device
  • Find and optionally fix invalid shortcuts
  • Clean up notification queue duplicates
  • View the contents of the Windows CE database volumes 

Supported Windows CE versions:

  • Windows Mobile 6 (NEW!)
  • Windows Mobile 5
  • Windows Mobile 2003 / Second edition
  • Pocket PC 2002
  • Pocket PC (ARM, MIPS, SH3 processors)

Supported screen resolutions:

  • VGA portrait (640×480)
  • VGA landscape (480×640)
  • QVGA portrait (320×240)
  • QVGA landscape (240×320)
  • Square (240×240)
  • Square Hi-res (480×480)


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