Sony Ericsson Modem Scripts for F500i

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Operating System
Windows All
Modem Driver

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Sony Ericsson Modem Scripts for F500i

Once the modem scripts are installed your phone can be used for standard Windows Dial-Up Networking, either by using Sony Ericsson Mobile Networking Wizard or by using the tools in Windows to set up a network connection.

Installation instructions:
1. Download the zip file to your computer. Remember where you place it.
2. Unzip the file to a temporary folder.
3. Open the Control Panel
4. Open Phone and Modem options
5. Select the Modems tab
6. Select ‘Add…’
7. Check the ‘Don’t detect my modem …’ option. Click ‘Next’.
8. Click ‘Have disk’ and browse to the temporary folder in step 2 and select the desired modem. Click ‘Next’.
9. Click ‘Finish’. The modem is now ready to use.

The ‘Read Me.txt’ file in the temporary folder in step 3 contains valuable information about how to set up the modems correctly. Follow the instructions in section 4.1 (for DCU-11 connection) or 6 (for Infrared Connection).



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