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IMonitor EAM 5.01

IMonitor EAM is the best and all-in-one employee monitoring solution for corporate, it can record every computer and internet activitiy you ever think of. It can record everything they do on the computer and internet from each of your employees, save that information into centralized database on server computer and provides you with more than 55 built-in reports to help you to analyze your employee’s activities and answer your question like:

  • Which employee always use removable disk to copy comapany confidential document?
  • Which employee leak comapany confidential information via MSN?
  • Which employee spend so much time on non-work related websites?
  • Which employee print comapany confidential document?
  • Which employee play games during woring time?
  • Which employee always send eamil with attachments?
  • Who prepare to quit office, and want to take important technical document away?
  • How much time each of your employees wasted a day, a week, a month?

IMonitor EAM is IMonitorSoft’s flagship solution for monitoring your employees company-wide — whether they are in the office, traveling or working remotely — even when they are not connected to the company network.

The software will send alert to you when your employee do some key activity on the computer and intenet, with detailed text report and chart report you can easily find out those employees who are doing things that are very harmfull to your company. IMonitor EAM stores all your employee’s computer and internet activities in centralized database, you can easily get the complete and detailed proof.

If your employees spend so much time on playing game, chating with friend, browsing news on website during working time, do you want to block the game and/or the IM software? Do you want to restrict employee’s website accessing in web browser? With EAM it’s will be very easy, you only need to create a blocking rule and deploy it to your employee’s computer. For example, if one employee spend an hour a day on non-work related application or website, EAM Professional can save a company more than 200 hours a year in lost productivity. Multiply that by 10 employees and you gain back 2000 hours in one year.

IMonitor EAM is the world’s first employee monitoring software which not only include all computer activity monitoring features but also include employee work time tracking features. These features allow you to analyse and sum up employee’s work efficiency with pie chart and line graph by month, week and day, it can help you to find how much time thay wasted on games, chats or other nonwork activities.



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