IPSentry Network Monitoring Suite 5.12

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IPSentry Network Monitoring Suite 5.12

IPSentry is a feature rich network monitoring and systems monitoring suite designed to give you peace of mind that your critical network systems, components, files, databases, and more are being monitored 24/7.  Should a potential problem be detected, you will be notified immediately, corrective actions can be automated, and further notification upon recovery of a failed entry can be generated.
Thousands of IT professionals around the world utilize IPSentry to stay apprised of potential and active network issues and keep their network systems, servers, and other components running smoothly.

IPSentry provides constant monitoring of your network infrastructure and triggers alerts, notifications, and corrective actions should there be a problem detected based on your own specific thresholds. Your down-time will be minimized by making sure that if a problem is detected, you are made aware of the issue for immediate correction thereby reducing your costs due to inevitable network problems.


  • Runs as an NT System Service or Desktop Application.
  •     Setup and start Monitoring in just a couple of minutes.
  •     Straight forward user interface.
  •     Copy configuration to and from new and existing entries.
  •     Template based configuration options.
  •     Monitoring schedules and downtime overrides.
  •     Set the order of notification and alert.
  •     Dependency based monitoring to avoid unnecessary alerting.
  •     Monitoring groups with frequency definition and override.
  •     Grouped and ungrouped views for efficient navigation.
  •     Critical and recovery alerting options.
  •     Reversed state alerting and notifications.
  •     System tray notification of critical items.
  • Self monitoring capabilities.
  • Record detailed statistics data to back-end SQL database for custom reporting.
  • Real time status display and notifications.
  • Suspend and Resume monitoring of individual items on-demand.
  • Configuration data stored in central data store within XML files.
  • Pre-test monitoring configurations before inserting to live monitoring schedule.
  • Test all monitoring and alerting configurations individually.
  • Embedded Backup and restore of configuration data.
  • As always – the Basic Black IPSentry Active Display Console


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