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Supervisor 2.57

Supervisor – A Network Viewer – Employee Monitoring – Keylogger.

Supervisor enables you to record the actions and the applications’ usage* of other users in your local network. You can see what any user did any day/hour, you can browse through the screens using sophisticated user-interface and search tools. You can even set alerts on specific words or actions or exaggerated usage. Supervisor uses a patent-pending recording engine so it does not utilize too much CPU and disk-space. The user in the recorded client doesn’t feel it. It is also secured so no one (but you) can view the recordings (they are encrypted).

Key Features:

  •  Supervisor utilizes minimal CPU and disk space.
  •  Supervisor can be set to record only specific applications or URLs.
  •  Supervisor read text from the screen and records keyboard input. Thus it has advanced Search and Alert utilities.
  •  You can set alerts for "CD or Disk-On-Key insertion", or even disable them (so the user cannot copy data to external devices).
  •  Supervisor has a very sophisticated User-Interface that enables you to view the recorded data in several layers.
  •  The recorded data is encrypted and can be viewed only by the Viewer.
  •  Other Viewers can view the data if approved by the main Viewer.
  •  Supervisor can record even when the user’s computer is disconnected.
  •  Supervisor has an Auto Cleanup function.
  •  Supervisor is designed to work with one or many (thousands) clients.
  •  Supervisor has comprehensive usage tables and network usage reports.
  •  Supervisor enables you to define alerts for words, user-actions, or even usage exceptions.
  •  Supervisor can open a communication-channel between the supervisor and the users (for Helpdesk).
  •  Supervisor has many configuration options for different types of usage.


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