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CoScripter Reusable History Beta

CoScripter Reusable History records everything you do on the web and
captures a log of your web browsing activity. You can review your CoScripter
history to find actions that you do often, convert sequences of actions into
reusable scripts, and share them with your friends.

For your safety, CoScripter Reusable History never records data typed into password
boxes on the web. However, web pages may also ask you for sensitive
information outside of a password box, such as an account number.
CoScripter Reusable History does record these actions.

Your history is stored only on your local hard drive and not sent
to a server or otherwise shared in any way. You can explicitly share a set
of actions with someone else by selecting one or more actions, and then
clicking the Facebook, CoScripter, or email icons. You can also copy and
paste a sequence of actions from your history to a different program as


  • Share on Facebook: Share snippets of your web activity with other Facebook users.
  • Twitter: Tweet summaries of your web activity.
  • History → Script: Convert actions from history to automated scripts.
  • Browse: View your history using one of three visualizations.
  • Search: Search for sequences of actions.
  • Record Continuously: Record browser actions continuously. 


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