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Batch Image Resizer 1.0

Have you ever needed to resize a batch of pictures on your mac? You can resize them on-at-a-time with iPhoto… but now there is an easier way! With our Batch Image Resize program, you can resize your pictures to make them bigger, or smaller. You can specify a fixed width – so your photos all have the exact same width… or you can specify a fixed height so your pictures all have the same height. You can even scale your images by a percentage.

Now, rotating a batch of photos is facile. To rotate a group of pictures, simply drag them onto the program icon. You can choose to rotate your images clockwise, counter-clockwise, or even rotate to an arbitrary angle. You can even flip pictures so that they become an mirror image of the previous phot.


  • You can resize several pictures using a number of options – you can set a fixed width (so all your photos have the exact same width), fixed height, or you can scale your picture up (or down) by a percentage.
  • You can rotate a batch of pictures to preset angles, or to an arbitrary angle that you choose. A batch of pictures can also be flippd or inverted.
  • You can add a transparent border to a batch of images
  • You can save over the existing images, or you can save a copy of your resized pictures in a new location. You have the option of adding a prefix or suffix to the new picture name

The Free version will allow you to re-size, rotate, and otherwise manipulate up to 3 pictures at a time. The free trial is otherwise full-featured.


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