CATVids 8.21

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CATVids is a powerful DVD/Blu-Ray collector software package designed to help you catalog and manage your video collection. CATVids works with all types of media, including DVDs, Blu-Ray discs, and VHS tapes. It will keep track of not only your pre-recorded material, but also home videos and anything else you have taped. Using CATVids you can quickly catalog your movies by downloading information from the internet.

CATVids has a comprehensive set of data fields, enabling you to catalog a wide range of information: title, media format, release year, publisher, purchase date and price, current value, region, special features, production year, studio, rating, director, writer, cast and characters, synopsis, tape counter, recording speed, recording date, personal rating, keywords, and more.

Other features include custom data fields, a loan module (to keep track of videos on loan), flexible searching, a report designer, more than 100 pre-defined report formats, a HTML generator, pop-up menus for quick feature access and navigation, and comprehensive context-sensitive on-line documentation available at the touch of a button.


* Catalog all media types, including DVDs, Blu-Ray discs, VHS tapes, and Laserdiscs.

* Save time: Download movie data from the Internet. Register most information, such as director, media format and studio, only once.

* Store information about an unlimited number of videos, as well as the individual segments on each video. Manage single- and multiple-recording media as well as pre-recorded media.

* Automatically calculate remaining free space on your tapes.

* More than 30 custom data fields (in case we have missed something).

* Add personal comments for videos and individual segments.

* Store video covers, as well as pictures of actors.

* Attach audio and video samples.

* Powerful explorer module integrated into the main window that allows you to search/browse your database.


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