Dare Music Fixer 1.2

Peter Kuhn
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Dare Music Fixer 1.2

The LG Dare’s music player is very picky about ID3 tags on mp3s. Complicated ID3 tags confuse the Dare and cause album art to not show up. This program scans all mp3s in a folder and will properly format the ID3 tags so that album art is displayed on the Dare. If album art isn’t present, the program automatically attempts to retrieve it from amazon, seamless to the user. Also, tracks of an album on the Dare are listed in alphabetical order which contradicts what most people are used to when listening to cds. This program also fixes the names of the songs so they show up in the proper order.

Instruction to use:

  • Connect your phone or sd card as a usb mass storage device.
  • Copy your mp3’s to my_music
  • Run DareMusicFixer
  • Click go, select your my_music folder
  • Your music will be properly tagged for album track order, and album art will be downloaded from amazon if not already present. If the art cannot be found, or a tag is missing, an edit tag dialog will appear, where you can modify the name of the album, artist, track, and track number.
  • When the process completes, load up my music on your phone and enjoy a more organized music player!


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