Minilyrics 6.7

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Minilyrics 6.7

Minilyrics is a handy application that helps you view the lyrics of your favorite songs. When you play your songs, MiniLyrics will search, download and display lyrics automatically. You may be asked to select the best match lyrics to download. Or you can search and select lyrics manually by click the context menu item ‘Search Lyrics’.

  • MiniLyrics will show a lyrics downloading dialog.
  • Enter the correct artist and title of the song and click the ‘Online Search’ to search lyrics. The lyrics database is expanding every day.
  • Select the best match lyrics, then click the ‘Open’ button, MiniLyrics will auto load the selected lyrics, and the lyrics will be displayed in a few seconds.
  • If you can’t get any suitable lyrics in the result, please click ‘More’ button and then click the ‘No suitable Lyrics’ in the popup menu, and MiniLyrics will never prompt for downloading lyrics for this song.

MiniLyrics supports more advanced features. You can change the skin of MiniLyrics, you can change the font, font size, font color, and background color, and you can change the lyrics display style. Just right-click on the MiniLyrics main window or the MiniLyrics icon in your Windows tray icons, and go to ‘Tools’, then click ‘Preference’.



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