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MP3 Tag Clinic
Real-time tag editor creates tag data by extracting it from file names, file paths, or via download.  Batch-renames files using existing tag data or data you create, with a straightforward interface that allows the quick creation of reusable naming templates.  Rename a single file, selected files, or an entire folder of files.  Preview and edit new names before they’re applied, and undo changes if you change your mind. 
Tag Clinic converts tags between versions, auto-fills them, swaps text between fields, or creates one type of tag using data from another.  Choose which tag fields to make visible and in what order they appear.  Drag rows around to create the exact playlist order you want, or drag columns around to get the view you need.  Supports Find, Find All, and Find & Replace.  Prints tags and saves tag lists to six different file formats.
Features of MP3 Tag Clinic
· Displays ID3v1.0 through ID3v2.4 tags in a spreadsheet-style table and makes them all immediately editable, either individually or in selectable combinations.
· Copies tag data from ID3v1 to ID3v2, and vice versa.
· Converts ID3v2.3 to ID3v2.4, and vice versa.
· Fills in empty tags of one version with data from another.
· Optionally and automatically propagates changes made to ID3v1 into ID3v2, and/or vice versa.
· Renames MP3 files based upon tag data they contain, using either ID3v1 or ID3v2 data.
· Fills in tag data by extracting it from file names.
· Creates custom renaming formats easily saved for reuse.
· Renames hundreds of MP3 files to the format of your choice with just a single mouse click.
· Renames can be previewed before they are applied.
· Renames are reversible once applied.
· Supports automatic directory-restructuring/file-relocation as files are being renamed.
· Supports multiple ID3v2 comments and URL fields in a single tag.
· Supports MusicMatch custom information fields.
· Supports Media Jukebox custom informaton fields
· Supports all URL fields.
· Supports both synchronized and unsynchronized lyrics.
· Supports encapsulated objects.
· Provides built-in Genre Editors for both ID3v1 and ID3v2 genres.
· Contains built-in unsynchronized Lyrics Editor.
· Includes a special Column editor for performing common editing tasks on the same field in all tags.
· Supports importation of tag data by drag-and-drop from an outside data source via OLE.
· Supports file drag & drop to and from your favorite browser.
· Supports reordering of files within the Editor by drag & drop of individual editor rows.
· Supports quick folder reloads from a database file, instead of re-reading all tags.
· Supports Intellipan via mouse wheel. 


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