TagScanner 5.1 Build 559

1.7 MB
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Windows Server Windows Vista Windows Xp

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The powerful program for organizing and managing music archives.
TagScanner renames the music files in various formats so that in their name
containing information from the tags. The program also allows you to generate a
tag on the file / directory, or change the values of the required fields in
batch mode. The program has ample opportunity to obtain information about the
album from online databases like freedb or Amazon. It supports ID3v1, ID3v2,
Vorbis Comments, APEv2, WMA and MP4. Universal Tag Editor helps you quickly and
easily handle the necessary information, including in batch mode. Also available
a simple but comfortable editor playlists allow you to save and read the lists
in PLS/M3U and export them to HTML tables and Excel. The program, in most cases
much easier life when you want to arrange your musical archive.


  • Rename music files on information from the tags
  • Powerful Tag
  • Generate tag information from online services such as freedb or Amazon
  • Manual search of information on the album through freedb
  • Generate tags from file name / folder
  • Formatting and parsing tag fields
  • Replacing the words and letters as case conversion for file names and tags
  • Supports all modern audio formats: MP3, OGG, Musepack, Monkey’s Audio, FLAC,
    AAC, OptimFROG, SPEEX, WavePack, TrueAudio, WMA, MP4
  • Support all metadata formats: ID3 1.0/1.1/2.2/2.3/2.4 tags, APE v1 and v2
    tags, Vorbis Comments, WMA tags and MP4 (iTunes) metatags
  • View and change the embedded lyrics and cover
  • Easy conversion of different versions of tag
  • Quickly create playlists
  • Export playlists in HTML, XML CSV or any custom format
  • Full Unicode support
  • Multilingual interface
  • Built-in multiformat player

    What's New

    • Improved: Program now use Windows interface scaling option
    • Improved: Trim filename function now also affect on created folders
    • Improved: Reading and mapping of Album Artist field for better compatibility with other software
    • Improved: New placeholder %foldername% for name of folder which contain current file
    • Changed: Program help now opened in default browser
    • Changed: Remapped key shortcuts to fix problems with typing of some national symbols
    • Changed: iTunes service comments in ID3v2 tags now always saved in ISO-8859-1 encoding
    • Fixed: Error on removing files from list
    • Fixed: Saving of playlists in PLS format
    • Fixed: Reading data from CUE-files
    • Fixed: Next file in list readed twice after saving
    • Improved interface usability for some modules
    • Translations: French (2 versions), Danish (new), Slovak (updated)


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