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TTY WAV Reader 1.0

TTY WAV Reader is a tool that parses through a WAV file and pulls out text represented by Baudot TTY tones found in the file.  This is useful for users who want to do basic “unified messaging” from their desktops since it allows them to read the text of a message that was left using a TTY/TDD device for them without having to run  it through such a device first.

TTY WAV Reader allows you to either browse to a specific WAV file on your hard drive or network using the Browse button or you can paste a WAV file from the clipboard if one is there.  You can also choose to register TTY WAV Reader as the primary application for handling WAV files on your desktop which lets you simply double click any WAV file and TTY WAV Reader will parse it.  You can optionally configure TTY WAV Reader to pass the WAV file you double clicked on off to another registered application if no TTY tones are found in it.  See below for details on how to configure that.

For instance if you have View Mail for Outlook installed you can open a message left from a TTY/TDD device, select to copy the file and the “Paste From Clipboard” button will automatically enable itself.  You can then select the “Past From Clipboard” button and the text in the message will be displayed.  If you have registered TTY WAV Reader as your default WAV application you could also simply double click on the WAV file in the Outlook email form and the file would be automatically parsed.

The “Paste From Clipboard” button will only be enabled if TTY WAV Reader detects that there is a WAV file contained on the clipboard.  If the clipboard is currently empty or contains other content such as text, the button will remain disabled.

If the WAV file you select, paste from the clipboard or double click on does not contain any TTY tones in it, TTY WAV Reader will display a dialog indicating that.  In the case of double clicking the WAV file if no TTY tones are found, TTY WAV Reader can be configured to pass the WAV file to the next registered WAV reader in the system.  This allows users to have easy use of TTY WAV Reader for parsing TTY WAV files without interfering with their ability to launch other WAV files in their normal preferred WAV application.

Aside from being able to resize the main TTY WAV Reader form you can also dictate that it always stays on top using the “Always On Top” option under the File menu.

You can also automatically launch the TTY WAV Maker application if it is installed by using the “Construct a TTY WAV File” menu option.  This menu item will only be enabled if the TTY WAV Maker application is installed and has been run at least once on the local computer.



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