OpenCVTool 0.1

Andrej Barkhatov
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OpenCVTool 0.1

OpenCVTool is the program for image and contour processing and analysis oriented toward scientific and technical applications.The program follows the approach of simplicity :

  • Minimal system demands -works on Microsoft Windows2000+
  • Simple user interface – only one main window, most functions and parameters are immediately accessible
  • Accurate choice of algorithms – OpenCV library is used as the math kernel. This library is best known and widely approved by industry and research communit
  • Simple data exchange and persistence – all file formats are standard or XML like


  • Image processing operations are fast enough for real time tuning on a whole image
  • Most operations could be undone step by step
  • The script facility (with Forth programming) for automation and batch processing
  • Two types of object processed – raster images and geometric contours
  • Many helpful functions such as contour drawing and editing, text labeling, printing and more
  • Grain counting and size distribution
  • Morphological operations
  • Handles many images simultaneously
  • Handles many vector layers for a raster image
  • Import/export raster formats are TIFF, JPEG, BMP, PNG and RAW images in 8 or 16 bit per pixel, grey scale or RGB
  • XML-like format (YML) for contours saving
  • Linear and radial shading correction
  • Contour statistics, Hu and spatial moments, histogram, filtering and more

To get started with the program an image should be opened by the Image/Open button. An image could be in the JPEG, TIF, BMP, PNG or RAW formats, true color 3 channels, or gray scale with 8 or 16-bit unsigned integer depth. Many images could be loaded at once by the same button with multiple selection (using Ctrl key). To switch between images use the tab line with file names on top of the image window. [X] button on the right of this line closes current image. The pull down list near Image/Open button is a short cut for last loaded image.

A vector layer could be loaded on top of raster image by the Contours/Open button from an YML file. To toggle vector layers On/Off select appropriate check box near their names in the contours/drawings list at the Contours tab. [X] button in this tab is for closing currently selected vector layer. The vector layers are bound to the correspondent background raster images.



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