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Mysql Data Manager

Mysql Data Manager (shortly MDM) is multifunctional and multiplatform web based mysql administration tool and data editor. This is a CGI script written in Perl. It uses web browser based GUI, which provides a complete set of high-level and low-level capabilities. High-level functions allow to accomplish a lot with a single mouse click while low-level functions let you do precisely what you want. Using this tool you get a wide range of solutions to support any Mysql web application.

You log into Mysql server via transparent interface of MDM with no need to store your password into config file. You use all privileges granted to you on Mysql server to manage your databases and accounts. All your mouseclicks are being transmitted to mysql server transparently as a command or a chain of predefined commands. Almost all messages you may receive from MDM interface are generated natively by mysql server and transparently transferred by MDM to web browser for your convenience.

Mysqk Data Manager is a transparent interface between you and Mysql that helps you to manage your data using pre-programmed operations.

Mysql Data Manager does not require root access to MySQL Server to do all the things you need to as a Database Administrator or Web Administrator through web interface. Here are some operations that MDM can provide:

* CREATE AND ALTER TABLES. All table types are supported
* DELETE records using WHERE clause. DROP tables
* IMPORT DATA from CSV files generated by other applications.
* EXPORT DATA from search results or entire table into CSV files to use them with other applications.
* EDIT exported CSV FILES
* BACKUP and RESTORE the entire database or selected tables in seconds.
* ACCESS MANAGEMENT – create, edit and delete Mysql user accounts in bulk.
Manage privileges of single and multiple users on all levels: global, database, table and column.
* SEARCH AND MODIFY records using multiple search criteria. (BLOBs are supported)
* INSERT AND EDIT DATA – edit multiple records from search result, directly or by uploading files from local computer. (unquoted expressions are supported).
* EDIT, INSERT and DELETE records in Spreadsheets
* ZOOM Blob and Text fields
* Visually compose SELECT query, joining several tables.
* PRINT DATA – Generate Printable Output.
* SQL SCRIPTING – Create, save, edit and run SQL scripts and use them as Shortcuts. Multiple queries and comments are supported.
* ADMIN FUNCTIONS – Optimize, Analyze, Repair and Check tables. Show status, Variables etc.
* Provide each user with dedicated subdirectory to store backups, SQL scripts and exported or uploaded ASCII files.
* Assign maximum total size per user of saved backups, SQL scripts and exported or uploaded ASCII files.
* Customize colors and add clickable image.
* Assign a desired Character Set.
* Set up operational parameters using visual interface.


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