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Serial Port Control 2.1

Serial Port Control is easy to use control intended for simplification of serial port communication tasks in your projects.

Serial Port Control allows you to overcome the complexity of the Win32 Serial Communications API. It takes a few seconds to setup and you will get full control over your serial ports with just a few lines of code.

Examples, complete documentation and friendly API make Serial Port Control simple to use even for a novice programmer. Drop a Serial Port Control on a form in any development environment and compare this to writing thousands of lines of code.  Serial Port Control enumerates all serial ports known to Microsoft Windows (multi-port boards, ports on devices attached to USB, IrDA, Bluetooth, Firewire or any virtual ports).

Using Developer API, your application can make any Serial Port Control configuration change that you could make manually in the Serial Port Control GUI.

Serial Port Control is useful for different purposes:

  • To control manufacturing machines via the serial port;
  • To configure network devices (like print-servers, routers) via the serial port;
  • To control a modem, connected to the serial/USB port or Bluetooth;
  • To send SMS messages to mobile telephone using GSM SmartPhone/Modem connected to the computer (Serial/USB port or Bluetooth);
  • To transfer files through a null modem cable;
  • Any other tasks where serial port communication is involved.

With Serial Port Control your software can communicate with laboratory instruments, navigational devices, medical equipment, modems, USB serial devices and other serial devices and machines in minutes.


  • Unlimited number of serial ports can be controlled simultaneously.
  • Powerful and intuitive interface to make serial port communications easy.
  • Delivers all the capabilities of the Win32 Serial Communications API and eliminates its complexity.
  • Works with all types of serial ports, including USB adaptors, Bluetooth, IR, or any virtual port.
  • Notifies your application when data arrives or events occur on the port, allowing you to monitor port activity and read data without locking up your user interface or implementing messy polling routines.
  • Performs multithreaded reads and writes with one simple function call.
  • Supports reading and writing of binary data.
  • Full buffered data transfer.
  • Allows setting up baud rate, parity, data bits, and stop bits parameters.
  • Gives full control of status line and handshaking states.
  • Comes with example applications (Visual Basic, Visual Basic .Net, Visual C++, Visual C#, Borland Builder, Borland Delphi).


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