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ShareRight 5.0

ShareRight Documentary is a network administration tool providing detailed analysis of all files and shares on the network and their associated NTFS permissions, together with discovery and quick launch of each shared folder, documents and VNC viewer. In addition, notes may be recorded for each machine for support and maintenance purposes.

ShareRight Documentary provides indexing of all files contained within shared folders, with powerful searching technology to quickly locate documents based on any parameter (file name, type, contents etc…). ShareRight Documentary can handle tens of millions of documents.

When run by a Domain Administrator, ShareRight’s network scanner builds a database containing all known shares, both administrative ($ shares) and network shares and their NTFS permissions. Once complete, the application and database may be used to produce reports of sharing by any user. Unlike tools intended for live use, the data is retained after machines are switched off and a complete picture of your network’s shares and VNC servers is instantly available.

Once shared folders have been discovered or manually specified, folders may be specified for document scanning on the next scanner run.

A default VNC password may be set or individually configured for each remote machine, giving convenient one click access to a remote desktop, using heavily encrypted and hidden password storage.

The database may be shared between multiple users for viewing, reporting and VNC access, even if they do not have administration rights on the remote machines. Document security is maintained by normal NTFS permissions, ShareRight users can see that documents exist in folders they do not have access to, but they cannot open those documents.



Key Features



  • Shows all
    file shares on your network
  • Shows all
    NTFS permissions applied
  • One-click
  • Quick launch
    Explorer to share location
  • One-click
    VNC session launch
  • Machine specific
    notes (helpdesk)
  • Default and
    individual VNC passwords
  • Multi-user
  • Indexes millions
    of documents with ease
  • Searches
    by file name, path or text if available
  • Retains information
    from deleted documents
  • Links directly
    to documents once found
  • Handles all
    file types
  • Respects
    your security policies
  • Reports statistics
    on file sizes
  • Multi-user


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