Spiceworks Desktop 4.6.48961

23.3 MB
Operating System
Windows Server Windows Vista Windows Xp

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Spiceworks Desktop 4.6.4

Spiceworks is the complete network management & monitoring, helpdesk, PC inventory & software reporting solution to manage Everything IT in small and medium businesses.

Spiceworks Lets You:

  • Monitor & Manage Your Network
  • Manage Your IT Assets
  • Manage Changes & Configurations
  • Map Your NetworkBETA
  • Audit Your Software
  • Troubleshoot Your Network
  • Run an IT Help Desk
  • Manage Power ConsumptionBETA
  • Monitor SQL Server
  • Be an MSP
  • Talk to IT Pros Like You
  • Inventory Your Network & PCs

Change Log:

  • Editing of Network Map nodes to fix links.
  • HelpDesk email templates for HTML as well as customizing the look/layout.. although there are still issues with certain Exchange 2007 configurations.
  • A few additional AV packages are now detected.
  • Help/Guides are included with videos as well as "levels" in top-level Inventory and Helpdesk. More to come on this one in future releases..
  • Remote Sites are now exposed at the device level. This is useful for folks who are using the Remote Site feature for remote offices for their inventory. See the community for more details.
  • UserPortal drag-n-drop editing works much better than before.
  • Popup or Callouts in NetworkMap don’t slide far enough for user to interact with easily
  • Coming into the The NetworkMap from a Different Tab Such as Inventory Expands the Map
  • [IE] Usability issue with License Manager widget on IE7/8
  • UI problems with Editing Licenses from within the License Manager widget
  • [IE] License indicator image is not fully displayed in IE7/8
  • Add the ability to select the Site Name from Browse All Devices
  • Main app shuts down calling unknown wizard


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