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Web Site Publisher

Web Site Publisher is a free tool which will publish (i.e. copy or upload)
the web site you develop on your computer to the web. Once your site is on the
web you can make changes to the copy on your computer knowing that Web Site
Publisher will update to the web just those parts that you have changed.

Web Site Publisher is an intelligent FTP publishing tool and can be used to
publish any web site that would normally be uploaded using
FTP. It is intended for Webmasters who
just want to get their site updated with a minimum of effort and fuss and in the
shortest time possible. It is compatible with all HTML web design tools. It is designed to be as fast and as
efficient a means of publishing a website as possible and its totally free!

Key features are:

  • Simple – Single click to update a website and doesn’t
    require any technical expertise.
  • Intelligent – Only uploads files that need updating.
    Either because they are new or have been edited. (It is also intelligent
    enough to spot if a file has been deleted using another FTP client and
    upload it.) This significantly reduces the time to update a website.
  • Smart – Deletes files from the web site that no longer
    exist in the source directory. This feature can be switched on and off,
    although normally it would seem sensible to allow it to delete obsolete
  • Extensible – Supports multiple web sites – so you can
    use Web Site Publisher to update more than one web site (on different
  • Helpful – Automatically scans your local html source
    files to see if a website has changed and therefore is in need of begin
    published. This is done before a connection to the server is
  • Hassle free – removes the hassle of working out what
    changes need to be uploaded.
  • Timely – Automatically adjusts for any time zone and
    time drift differences between the local computer and the
    FTP server.
  • Supports both dial-up networking and permanent internet
    connections – If desired a web site can be associated with a specific
    dial-up account. This allows Web Site Publisher to determine
    automatically which web sites can be updated for the current connection.
    This is useful if you look after more than one web site and especially
    if a web site can only be updated when connected on a specific dial-up
    (or LAN/broadband) connection.

All this and its free!!

System Requirements

Web Site Publisher runs under MS-Windows Vista, XP, 2000, NT, ME, 98SE.



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