Aginity Netezza Workbench 1.4

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Aginity Netezza Workbench 1.4

Aginity’s Netezza Workbench makes developers more productive, with tools that give new access into Netezza data appliances. Created by – and for – Aginity’s own developers, the Workbench is built on a deep understanding of all a Netezza appliance can do. Now it’s available as freeware as a Netezza development tool for Netezza developers, providing an intuitive interface for creating, managing and tracking both individual SQL queries and entire databases.  The workbench was built by Netezza developers for Netezza developers.

Aginity is a Netezza Solution Provider partner. The Workbench was born out of our need for specific tools to support our extensive experience developing large systems on the Netezza appliance. Workbench offers features unique among other similar products, including:

  • One-click access for database issue analysis including skew, referential integrity issues, constraint violations, duplicates, unclaimed records, and deleted records….with a graphical display for easy visualization of problem areas on a node-by-node basis..
  • Reclaim functionality allowing developers to truly recover server space occupied by deleted records and free up storage space for other uses.
  • Additional DDL enabling developers to view and alter table and add field comments. Users also can compare varying database schemas – including data dictionaries – for differences and generate delta scripts. Most of these DDL functions are menu driven for greater efficiency.
  • Reverse engineering capability that allows developers to generate DDL scripts from an existing Netezza databases.



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