Antamedia Print Manager 1.1

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Antamedia Print Manager 1.1

Antamedia Print Manager is print management software for internal enforcement of printing rules and policies, run by a central control panel and optionally offering a paid printing service (for operations such as libraries, hospitals, Internet cafes etc). Protects your profits by reducing printing costs via rules that you set. Controls color, number of pages, times of day and many other parameters, all by the individual, by user group or by the printer.

The default of Antamedia Print Manager is that anybody can print as much as they like of anything, whenever they want to, as often as they wish. This is how your company is running right now!

After Print Manager is installed, you can change the rules. Not by sending a memo or by posting notices that get ignored but with a simple push-button software control panel on a single PC.

You choose how many pages are allowed, if color is allowed, what times printing is available and so on. You can control this by user group, by individual, by location, even down to a specific printer.

Such profit-rescuing print management is no longer difficult or expensive and you don’t need to hire any more experts. Just a few clicks to download and install Antamedia Print Manager software.

Setting the rules is the only configuration required. When you’re ready, decide on the rules, set them and you’re done.



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