SyncWiz for Outlook 2.11.0033

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SyncWiz for Outlook 2.11.0033

Convert (import-export) and synchronize Outlook Calendar and Contacts from/to vCard, vCalendar, iCalendar file format.

Export, Import, backup and synchronization of your Outlook Contacts and Calendar events has never been easier.
With SyncWiz convert selected or all of your items to vCard, iCard, iCalendar (iCal), or vCalendar file format. This file is so portable and compressible, that you can easily send the whole folder to anyone (4000 contacts in a zipped Vcard file is less than 100Kb).

Whether you have iPod, cell phone, Palm, use Lotus Notes – SyncWiz for Outlook is your best friend. You can even automatically sync Calendar and Contacts with your friends and coworkers or between two or more PCs. The SyncWiz add-in for Microsoft Outlook is our vCard Wizard successor. With advanced filters and vCalendar support, this product is a real timesaver.


  • Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook allows you to convert your contacts into the vCard format (vcf file). But you can convert only one contact at a time. Now with SyncWiz, you can easily convert or synchronize all your contacts to the vCard format with a few clicks.
  • Automatically synchronize Microsoft Outlook Calendar and/or Contacts folders via vCalendar/iCalendar, vCard/iCard files (.vcs, .ics, *.vcf files)
  • Import iCalendar or vCalendar files (.vcs, .ics files) to any selected Outlook folder. The standard Microsoft Import feature is limited to import vCalendar and iCalendar files only to the default Microsoft Outlook Calendar.
  • Export / Convert any Outlook Calendar folder or only selected events into the vCalendar or iCalendar format files (*.vcs/*.ics).
  • Import / Convert the vCard format files (.vcf files) to a chosen Outlook Contact Folder (vCard Converter)
  • Export / Convert synchronize any Outlook Contact Folder or chosen contacts to the Vcard format files or one file in the chosen windows folder
  • Synchronization Profiles with different sets of folders
  • Filter the imported or exported contacts by Category and Private.
  • Filter the imported or exported Calendar events by: All day events, Private, Category, Labels, Selected data period.
  • Import items from a selected file or files from a selected folder.
  • Support export to ipod, Mac, Lotus Notes and other files in a different format.
  • Simple Duplicates Resolution Management
  • Different languages and encoding
  • Support for vCard versions 2.1 and 3.0.
  • Save all selected contacts in one *.vcf file.
  • Save all selected calendar events in one *.vcs/*.ics file (vCal and iCal).
  • Integrated in Microsoft Outlook toolbar and File menu


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