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Word Documents Tabs 4.20

Word Documents Tabs is a bright solution to bring tabbed browsing for Microsoft Word. Word Documens Tabs inserts a tab bar between Word’s Ribbon and workplace for displaying multiple Word documents. It is an important component of Office Tab.

The tabbed browser added by Word Documents Tabs can be configured. Word Documents Tabs allows users to easily disable/enable the tabbed browser in Microsoft Word, to customize the tabs’ color, appearance and position. Word Documens Tabs provides instant previewing for these customizations and configure changes in Word Documents Tabs’ Setting Center. There are 11 kinds of tab styles, and users can define any color as tab colors. Word Documents Tabs toolbar can stay on the head of workplace, at the foot of workplace, as well as left/right side of Workplace.

In pop-up menu of Word Documents Tabs, there are plenty of functions, such as Close, Save, Save as, rename, open in new Window, lock documents, and more. BTW, when you select one Word document, the tab you chose will not be saved and closed only if you cancel this command. “Open in new Window” means to open the current document in a new Word Document Window.

Word Documents Tabs imitates IE7 and Firefox with tabbed browser in Microsoft Word. Word Documents Tabs is able to save your time while you are open many Word documents. Word Documents Tabs also saves space on taskbar, which will relieve you of picking out the right taskbar button from numerous compressed ones.


  • 11 tab styles for customization;
  • Move tab bar to the head/foot/right/left of workplace;
  • Easily define any color as tab bar’s colors;
  • Numerous mouse functions;
  • Disable/enable Word Document Tabs in Microsoft Word;
  • Mark modified documents with asterisk (*) in the Word document tabs;
  • Rename opened Word documents without close them;
  • Open the folder that selected Word document belongs to;
  • Open selected Word document in new Windows;
  • Plenty of shortcuts, such as "Win+Q" for hiding/displaying the Tabs bar, "Ctrl+Tab" for quickly switching between document tabs. And these shortcuts can be adjusted as your command.


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