Zoiper Communicator 1.15

4.7 MB
Operating System
Windows Vista Windows Xp

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Zoiper Communicator 1.15

Zoiper Communicator IAX & SIP softphone is a converged Internet communication tool combining high-quality voice and video calls, fax, instant messaging and presence through a contact-centric intuitive interface. Zoiper Communicator runs on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Solaris.

Zoiper Communicator BIZ adds to the advanced functionality of Zoiper Classic – video calling, instant messaging (chat) and presence (status) through a contact-centric layout with wide contact-management interface features.

With Zoiper Communicator you can:

  • make and receive high quality voice and video calls though multiple SIP and IAX accounts and lines while confident in the security of your conversation
  • chat – send and receive instant messages (securely encrypted)
  • set your presence (status)
  • receive faxes and send them from any Windows application through the Zoiper Fax printer driver
  • initiate calls straight from your mailprogram – Zoiper Communicator BIZ is integrated with your Outlook and Thunderbird
  • pre-provision Zoiper in order to make your employees and your customers’ calling experience even smoother – XML provisioning
  • record calls (single file recordings)
  • initiate and handle conference calls

Zoiper Communicator FREE reveals the following features:

  • make and receive voice calls with supreme quality
  • send and receive faxes (watermarked)
  • make free zoiper-to-zoiper voice and video calls, chat and send faxes
  • import and synchronize contacts from most mail-clients, social networks etc
  • ignore calls
  • carry Zoiper wherever you go on a USB stick, flash card etc. You can run Zoiper Communicator FREE from the USB/flashcard without writing to the Windows registry.
  • register one SIP, one IAX account and 2 lines
  • instantly search your contact list
  • detach and reattach the Zoiper action windows, resize the Zoiper windows and the complete Zoiper interface


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