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Label mx Pro 3.8

Label mx Pro can be used in various profession fields, such as Product labels, Supermarket,Candy food labels, Medicine labels, Jewelry labels, Book management, The packing printing and various mourn card, Employee’s certificate card, Name card, Chest card ect. The software takes a great deal of designed templates, so you can create label by making a change to the templates slightly as you like.

It Support Common printer (Color Ink-jet Printer or Laser Printer), Label Printer, Digital Printer as well as Industrial Printer. Label mx Pro can create 25 kinds of 1D barcode (EAN-138, UPC-AE, CODE-128ABC, CODE39, ect.) and some 2D barcode (PDF417, QR Code and more). Users can design labels of profession and high quality quickly and easily.


  • Easy to learn & easy to use.
  • Visual designing mode, and what you see is what you get.
  • Graphics: Barcode, Line, Curve, Rectangle, Filled rectangle, Diamond, Polygons, Text, Paragraphs of text, Images, Data source.
  • You can specify a file as password. In this way, the encryption is fortified and you needn’t memorize the password as well.
  • Easy to connect database such as :Text file, EXCEL file, Access, DBF, EDB, MySQL, SQLServer, Oracle and so on.
  • The label can connect more than one database at the same time, the operation is simple and needn’t much expertise on database.
  • The barcode can be exported as bitmap format (such as: jpg, bmp, tiff), and vector format (such as wmf, emf), and imported into the Coreldraw, Illustrator and other drawing tools for your use.
  • The text can be set to fixed-text numerical order, date, time, and the fixed-text can be set to sub-text effects.
  • The barcode can be fixed barcode, flow-barcode as well as database barcode.
  • It has batch print maker with which you can make more numerical order and flow-barcode and save them as Text file, Excel file or the Access file.
  • The label can be added to Page Header, Page Footer, page border, cutting lines, cutting points, and others while printing.
  • Users can set the UnDo times.
  • You can add the author information and set a password to the label.
  • The barcode and the text can be print according to input while printing.
  • Highly customized. Freely adjust the interface of software such as: outside color, mode of guidelines as you like.
  • More detailed operation skills presented in the help file of the software. 


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