Bioshock 2 Patch

2K Marin
170 MB
Operating System
Windows All

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Bioshock 2 Patch

With the new Bioshock 2 Patch you will be able to benefit from the latest bug fixes and upgrades for the game. Download and install it so that you can enjoy the best gameplay.

Issue Solved

* Fixed accepting a game invite on the Multiplayer Menu via Friend Invite causing a crash.
* Fixed a black screen that would occur minimizing and restoring the game in Windows 7.
* Fixed the ability to adopt or harvest Little Sisters after rebinding the F or B keys to Zoom, Fire or Fire Plasmid.
* Fixed Big Daddy HUD elements remaining on screen when not appropriate.
* Fixed an issue where the player’s plasmid hand would become unresponsive if they pressed the Next Plasmid key immediately after firing any chargeable plasmid (such as ElectroBolt 2).
* Fixed a potential save file issue.
* Fixed an issue where the resolution would change on its own if entering gameplay in a 16:10 resolution on a native 16:10 monitor.
* Fixed a problem where if you were running the game in a resolution


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