Europa Universalis III – In Nomine Patch 3.2

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Europa Universalis III - In Nomine Patch 3.2

Changes in Europa Universalis III – In Nomine Patch 3.2 :

 Gameplay Balancing
– Major trade nations are more likely to get targetted my competition in trade centres.
– Combat now starts with fire phase.
– Battles now last 12 days minimum, with 2 fire and 2 shock phases.
– Units that end up inside the empire after peace, can now move through the empire to get back.
– Pirates will no longer spawn outside coasts of countries that do not have technology high enough to blockade.
– Battles are now slightly bloodier.
– Advisors now last a little bit shorter.
– Unemployed advisors now have a very high likelihood to move to another country as exclusive for them after the first year is up.
– A siege will now end directly after it is broken by a attacker.
– Colonial rebels defection time has been decreased to 36 months from the old 72 months.
– War Exhaustion now increases revolt risk by +1 again.
– Rebel forces will now wait for morale to rise before moving.
– Battles now have a length of at least 10 days, which will lessen "ping-pong".
– Trade embargos has some bigger drawbacks now.
– Its no longer possible to excommunicate someone already excommunicated.
– Assaults can now fail as soon as the morale of the infantry is 0.
– The cached number of controlled cardinals in a country is now updated at once when it changes.
– Fixed a bug with migrating advisors not being available in the pool if they come from another tech group.
– Fixed a bug with the war score from blockade being proportionate to the blockader rather than the blockadee.
– Navalcombats will now be a bit quicker, with more morale loss.

 Interface Enhancements
– Fixed display of royal marriage breaking message.
– The winning avatar won’t continue fighting after the battle is won.
– Editbox in colonywindow is no longer autoselected.
– Improved the reliability of selectionindicator.
– The avatar will now be facing in the correct direction when starting an assult.
– The avatar will now be marching in the correct direction.
– The avatar will now stop assulting if peace has arrived with the sieged country.
– Modified the scrollspeed for keyboard so the camera moves a bit faster.
– The camera won’t change position anymore, if the game isn’t in focus.
– Right-clicking will now use increments and decrements of 100 gold in the peace view.
– CoT stagnation icon and tooltip added to the ledger.

Modding Support
– Added trigger ‘overlord_of’.
– The ‘heretic’ eventscope should now work properly.
– has_empty_adjacent_province now only checks land provinces.

 AI Improvements
– AI can now properly lift excommunications.
– Strategic AI: Separate check for suspension of merchants.
– Merchant AI: Slightly altered CoT priorities.
– Fixed a problem where the AI was ignoring policy restrictions (in fact, doing the exact opposite of what it should.)
– Subject nations will now lift the excommunication of their overlord if they can.
– The AI will no longer gain inflation when going bankrupt to reduce cycles of constant bankruptcies.

Scenario Setup
– Added Taizu as a Ming ruler from 1584
– Added Nurhachi as a Manchu ruler from 1583
– Fixed three typos in the Bavarian and Tuscan monarch lists
– Fixed the Venetian core on Zeta at start
– Fixed the army names for Spain, Castille and the Teutonic Order
– Azerbaijan is no longer transferred to Russia in 1813
– Dauphine gets a core on Lyonnais from 1399
– Russia now has imperial government after 1721.
– Corrected an admiral in the GBR history file.
– Added a new province for Holstein.
– Lithuania is now Orthodox during the two years of Svitrigaila’s reign.
– Adjusted the discovery dates of the Azores and Madeira.
– Default Italian army names are now actually in Italian.
– Fixed some typos and added some new names to the USA.
– Revised monarch and leader names for Albania.

– Tweaked the "Tribal reform" decisions so that centralization plays a bigger role
– The "Indian trade company" decision is no longer visible to landlocked countries
– The "Establish trade in cot" decision won’t trigger unless you own a cot
– The decision Church Tax is now possible for all Christians, but Catholics also need The Statute in Restraint of Appeals.
– Corrected typo in the "Restore the Holy See" decision.
– Ottomann capital move decision now requires control as well as ownership of Constantinople.

– The "Spanish Netherlands should be Catholic" mission aborts if Spain is no longer Catholic
– The "Conquer Ferrara", "Conquere Ancona" and "Annex Avignon" missions won’t trigger if the owner is papal controller
– Fixed the success conditions of the "Rule the seas" mission
– Fixed the generic "Destabilize Rival" mission so that the player gets the reward
– The "Rival Army" and "Rival Navy" missions won’t trigger if you’re allied with the other nation
– The Manchu mission, "Start the Conquest of Ming China" won’t trigger if Manchu is a vassal or lesser partner in a union
– The "Conquer Southern Korea" and "Establish footholding in Manchuria" missions will abort if the countries are not neighbours and don’t have a port
– Changed the success conditions for the Spanish "Finish the reconquista" mission so that it’s only cosidered a success if the Iberian peninsula is Catholic
– Fixed the Lithuanian "Defeat the Livonian Order" mission so that it affects the correct provinces
– The generic "Conquer Core" mission won’t trigger for countries that are the lesser partner in a union
– Added target countries to the abort sections of the "Annex Novgorod", "Annex Sicily", "Annex Naples" and "Annex Prussia" mission
– Spanish "Discover La Plata" mission is now possible to get.
– The "Convert Province" mission got improved triggers.
– Austria’s "Reclaim the Empire" mission is now aborted and no longer available after the HRE has been dismantled.
– Slight adjustment of Portuguese missions concerning Brazil.
– Castille/Spanish reconquista mission adjusted so they have to do it themselves.
– The "Convince Elector" mission corrected so it does not target vassalized electors.
– English mission to occupy Paris is no longer almost impossible to get.
– Missions rival_army and rival_navy updated with better abort conditions. Missions take_control_of_papacy, gain_cardinals and solidify_our_papal_relations updated with better allow conditions.

– Fixed the "Colonial Migration" event so that the same province isn’t targeted twice
– Added the "Emergency talks" flag as a positive modifier to the "War ends with negotiated peace" and "War ends with negotiated peace" events
– Corrected some events to use relative city size modification rather than absolute.

General Bugfixes
– Fixed the common out-of-sync problem when loading savegames in multiplayer.
– Fixed a problem which could cause OOS when starting a game in MP.
– Performed some optimisations and memory leak removals in the game.
– Fixed a problem which caused the game to sometimes crash when autosaving.
– Made a few optimisations to the game.
– Lobby port is no longer 1632, but 1638.
– Fixed the "Naval officers are retiring" text
– Fixed the text for the "Force convert mission"
– Fixed the localisation errors for the two "Policy Changes" events
– Cleaned up some text database corruption.
– Fixed Infinite loop freeze on page 5 of the ledger after disbanding the HRE.
– Changed date format in the "time until core" tooltip.
– Fixed bugged tooltip for "exists" trigger.
– On a tag change, lesser partners in Personal Unions now get the correct overlord tag.
– Added missing owner scope to modifiers in event 746.
– Corrected numerous typos in the message setting texts.
– Correct tooltip now shown for modifier local_colonial_growth
– Reputation was called badboy in a trigger tooltip.
– The target country is now correctly shown if it’s not the player in event effect tooltips.
– Mission effect text now left formatted and uses a smaller font in the mission view. 



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