HISTORY Great Battles Medieval Patch 1.02

Great Battles Medieval is a unique blend of Real-Time Strategy and Role-playing that allows you to develop your army; gaining experience, abilities and equipment to customize your troops. Success can never be guaranteed but to give you the best chance we recommend careful preparation and equipping your squads to meet every eventuality. Tactical planning before the battles are fought is also essential; as even the best General cannot rectify every error once battle is joined.

In Great Battles Medieval you play as a general in control of English or French forces during the Hundred Years War. The English campaign is designed for new players and the French campaign is much harder so best tried once you have some experience. As the English you will fight under the Black Prince, Henry V and other heroic characters from history, and as the French you fight for Joan of Arc and the King.

Great Battles Medieval is split in to 4 main areas, which we will explain in more detail later.

– Quest Map – where you choose which missions to undertake and travel around the game world.

– Army Camp – where you recruit, equip and train your troops.

– Deployment & Battle – where you create battle plans and engage the enemy.

– Battle Cards – where you select the Battle Cards to take to the next mission.

The game will offer a unique RPG experience on a massive scale. Instead of playing with a few characters, the player has up to 20 squads under their command. Each squad can be equipped and trained by the player, selecting their armor, weapons, fighting styles and much more – there are an almost infinite number of combinations. As your men fight they gain experience and new skills. Pretty soon you have a unique army customized to your tactics, and different to any other army out there.

Change Log:
This patch allows you to play the game in French, German, Italian and Spanish!



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