Iron Grip: Warlord Patch 1.12

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Iron Grip: Warlord Patch

Iron Grip: Warlord, a fast-paced first person shooter set in a harrowing world of endless war. Fight as a rebel warlord in the narrow streets of cities, destroy hordes of enemies with your vast arsenal, and fight for your freedom with your last breath and bullet.

  • Players can utilize RTS overhead modes to build defensive structures and then switch to fight the enemy head on using the FPS mode.
  • Featuring multiplayer and singleplayer modes; find strength in numbers, or stand alone. The choice is yours.
  • Seven unique maps and multiple difficulty levels, allowing for different challenges and gameplay experiences. Spiral was just the beginning!


    •    An in-game call a vote option. This has been something we’ve been asked for constantly, and we’re very happy to announce this. Basically if you want to change difficulty option mid-game, or if you want to kick someone who is abusing the server with a little too much friendly fire, this option will be your new best friend.
    • A more improved turret targeting system, with no more misfires from the A/T turrets. This means more accurate shots from the machine gun nests. I’m sure you remember how the Confederates used to camp behind short walls and destroy your defenses – this won’t happen anymore, we promise!
    • Smarter bots with bigger guns. Yes, you read right: the bots are now packing a lot more attitude. This should make the bots more helpful and make single player more dynamic.
    • Are you an Iron Grip: Lords of Atelia beta tester? Do you want to get some extra gold coins? Fill in the email address you are using in IG:LoA in the  Name section of IGW’s menu and check the gold servers. Depending on the difficulty level you play, a certain amount of gold coins will be delivered in your IGLoA account every time you win a match.
    • Misplaced landmines will not be a problem anymore, a second use of the wrench tool was added to allow you to pick up any misplaced mines and reposition them on a better spot.
    • For those that were experiencing lag issues, we’ve added a checkbox in the menu that allows you to skip the bombing screen and movie.
    • First timer in Warlord? We’ve added some in game tips that shows up while in spectator’s mode and a pop up help box which can be enabled by pressing the F1 to F4 keys. We’ve also reworked the manual to offer some more tips; every copy of the game, downloaded from wherever, has a manual PDF in the installer so be sure to check it out!
    • The HUD scrolling inventory logic has been improved as well; you’ll mis-scroll less and select the right options more. Those people who hated the map can also listen up and rejoice – the map "weapon" is dead. We hope you won’t mourn its death too much.
    • The Message Of The Day (MOTD) window has been improved allowing us to establish a better communication with the players. News, announcements and contests will be posted to keep the community up to date.
    • Plus, many fixes on reported bugs and features that will allow us to have a better online experience! Read the official changelog when you download the game for details  on these fixes.

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