Orion Patch 1.2

105 MB
Operating System
Windows All

Download Links

Orion Patch Server 1 Orion Patch Server 2

Orion is a total conversion utilizing Valve Software’s Orange Box engine. Orion immerses the player in an intense online experience. Featuring fast-paced tactical gameplay on futuristic battlefields, Orion brings the fun into gameplay.

The year is 2220. The Carrier Project has been completed and the Phoenix Project will be done within the next 10 years. The first batch of Carrier Marines were sent to Orion in order to preserve the safety of the Scientists.

The year is 2232. The Phoenix Project is being finalized and the first batches of Phoenix Warriors are sent throughout the City of Cera to maintain peace and order. Over the course of 2232 to 2240 only one Phoenix Warrior died in a war in Cera.

2240. The citizens of Orion notice strange marks in the sky over Orion. Blue streaks of light during the day time with loud sounds that would howl. They couldn’t figure out what they were, but a team of scientists were ordered to stop working on Orion and focus on the mysterious streaks of light.

2241. One of the Military Communication bases located in the Terra region in the snow covered mountains loses signal.

2242. The War starts.


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