Talisman Online Patch 1644

In the ancient orient, there is a peaceful and serene continent.
The people there live and work in peace and contentment. Their
families are kept there generation by generation. However, an evil
power is preparing to come out behind the peaceful surface. After
collecting energy for the past thousand years, the evil power finally
became a huge monster that is called Master Blood on Blood Palace.
Master Blood began to slaughter human beings and other living things in
order to strengthen his
power. He enhanced himself by
absorbing their souls. At that time, the whole world was full of blood
and fear. People became destitute and homeless. The beautiful and
peaceful continent became a hell which was full of corpses.

However, the justice must exist
where there is depravity. The great rabbi Master Tian Meng, who came
from the north, contacted with all the righteous forces to suppress
Master Blood and his evil minions who were increasing day by day. This
battle had lasted about one hundred days, and the two sides were hurt
badly. At last, Master Tian Meng and his four accomplices fought with
Master Blood on Blood Mountain. The decisive battle lasted for five
days, and Master blood was defeated by Master Tian Meng’s witchcraft
called Heaven Ice, and was sealed in a block of one-thousand year ice
cube. This ice cube was suppressed at the bottom of the deep pool in
Green Scarp.

After Master Blood was sealed,
people began to rebuild their homestead. And the whole continent
gradually returned to peace and harmony. Due to the experience of this
battle with evil, Master Tian Meng and his accompanies in this battle
decided to created their own juntas and accepted lots of apprentices in
order to increase the force of justice. Thus, Monk, Wizard, Fairy,
Tamer and Assassin, those five juntas were created one by one. The
force of justice became stronger and stronger.

Nevertheless, after five hundred
years, the ice cube which was at the bottom of the deep pool in Green
Scarp disappeared suddenly. And then, different kinds of evil ghosts
and monsters continually appeared. The evil breath gradually suffused
gradually. What had happened? Did Master Blood resurge, or was a new
monster born? The five righteous juntas made the appointment to act
together to find out the truth.

What’s New in This Release:

  • New Game Section ‘Treasure" is opened!
  • Packages of brillant new adds are available!
  • PVE event "Adventure in
    South Border Land"!
  • New "Concentraton" system!
  • Cute Fancy Fox mount!
  • More interesting adds and improvements are awaiting you!


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