PassReminder 0.6.1

5 MB
Operating System
Linux Windows Vista Windows Xp

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Windows PassReminder 0.6.1 Linux, PassReminder

You would like to protect a list of passwords ? You would like to remember your passwords? PassReminder is for you! PassReminder is a free password manager. It keeps password secure.

A master password is used to encrypt/decrypt each database. PassReminder is highly customizable with about 50 options. You can use PassReminder password manager under Windows and Linux. Next releases will include macOS support.

Present Features include: random password generator, searching, merging, import / export, drag and drop.

PassReminder is a free password manager. There is no adware, no spyware. Moreover the PassReminder uninstallation leaves no trace on your operating system. 


  • Internationalization :language translation support
  • Icon systray :show/hide the window with the icon in the systray
  • Show/hide passwords :show/hide passwords in the list
  • Double-click :copy the selected cell to the clipboard OR edit the entry
  • Password :password generator
  • Entry :duplicate entry
  • Secure database :passwords are encrypted using the blowfish algorithm
  • Password :support of master password
  • Concat :merge PassReminder files
  • Drag and drop :it is possible to drag and drop password and login in any application fields
  • Files :drag and drop severals files to open them
  • Help :help available
  • Group :add an entry in a group
  • Autosave :each modification is saved automatically
  • security :lock on minimize window
  • Free field :a field you can named as you want
  • Launcher :launch webpages
  • Password expiration :define an expiration date to be notified when the password expires
  • Launcher :launch webpages
  • Tree :show the list as a tree or a table


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