BlackBerry Media Sync

Research In Motion Limited
10.2 MB
Operating System
Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows Xp
PC suite

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BlackBerry Media Sync

BlackBerry Media Sync makes syncing your desktop music and photo collections with your BlackBerry smartphone quick and easy. Not only can you sync your iTunes or Windows Media® Player music, but if you’re using a PC, you can sync your favorite photos too.2 Carry your albums with you on your BlackBerry smartphone and share with friends and family.

Take your music collections and photo albums with you anywhere you go on your BlackBerry smartphone.

Listen to your music on your BlackBerry smartphone. Put together a playlist for the gym or download a mix of tunes to get you through the day. With BlackBerry Media Sync, you can:

  1. Sync playlist updates from your desktop to your smartphone
  2. Choose a playlist or get a random selection of songs
  3. Control how much of your music is transferred

Now you can carry your desktop photo albums on your BlackBerry smartphone. Or save photos you’ve taken with your smartphone to your desktop. With BlackBerry Media Sync, you can:

  1. Easily sync photos to your BlackBerry smartphone
  2. Import photos to your desktop
  3. Control which of your photos are transferred


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