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Noki 2.1

Noki is a utility to explore and extract Phone book, Text message, MMS, Calendar, Memo, Email,  Bookmark and other user files from the backup file of Nokia phone. You can also call it explorer and extractor for Nokia PC Suite backup files.You can smothly upgrade your PC Suite to new versions without worrying about the compatibility issue. Noki takes care of the compatiblity of the different versions.

The Noki-extracted data can be saved in text, Excel .xls, .csv or Html files which are much accessible than the original binary format. Other files extracted (3gp, image, photo, mp3, mp4 etc) will remain their original format. The Noki-exported backup file can be easily imported into other applications including Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice Calc, Firefox, IE and Nokia PC Suite. It’s simple and easy to explore and extract phonebook, SMS, MMS, Email, calendar, memo, bookmarks, photos, wallpapers, music and other files in the backup file just like it’s done in Windows file and directory.


  • Explore and extract photos, wallpapers, music and other files.
  • Extract phone book, SMS, calendar, memo and bookmark in one shot.
  • Preview photos and pictures in thumbnails.
  • Convert phone book, SMS, calendar, memo and bookmark to txt, Excel .xls or Html file.
  • Import phone book into Outlook as .csv file.
  • Import phone book into ThunderBird as .csv file.
  • Backup.arc file exploring and extracting for mass storage / SD card
  • Explore and navigate Bookmarks.
  • View the interested item in tool tip.
  • Skype dialing in Noki’s phonebook explorer
  • MMS extraction and previewing in tooltip
  • Text and html Email extraction and conversion. 


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