SonicHANDY Standard 2009 9.2

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SonicHANDY Standard 2009 9.2

SonicHANDY is a mobile phone management software for PC/Windows, used to operate multiple mobile phones over bluetooth or a cable, and to manage personal information on them. It is fast and responsive, and has a small memory footprint. It consumes little system resources, so it can sit in your status area all the time waiting for an action without even being noticed.

Because your time is valuable, special care is taken to make SonicHANDY more accessible and simple to use. It has intuitive user interface and numerous shortcut keys. This way you can control it lightning-fast once you get into knowing it. Learning curve is very steep. SonicHANDY is intuitive and user friendly. It is rendered to be non-intrusive, so it won’t get into your way when not needed. Every action is announced, so you won’t find asking yourself "What’s going on?".

Your data is sacred to SonicHANDY. SonicHANDY will not tamper nor modify the data on your phone or disk under no circumstances, unless explicitly ordered by you. This means all your data is always strictly read-only to SonicHANDY, unless you explicitly initiate and validate a write or edit action.

Even so, SonicHANDY is smart enough not to delete the data from your phone if that would result in an unwanted data loss. For example, you want to archive the message before deletion but the data wasn’t archived properly due to write protected disk or some other problem. SonicHANDY won’t delete this message unless 100% sure it was successfully archived first.

SonicHANDY archives all your data – particularly messages, contacts, and calls – to XML files within your personal archive folder. XML technology along with Unicode technology guarantee high versatility and compliance. XML is widely used nowadays in almost every aspect of data processing, so it is easy to access your data any time even with a numerous third-party XML parsers. Special care is taken to prevent file corruption in case of hardware errors, for example loss of power.


  • Work with several phones at the same time
  • Send and read SMS messages
  • Organize and backup your messages and contacts
  • Send and read messages while talking to your phone
  • Keep the unlimited incoming calls list
  • View health status of your phone


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