Advanced PDF Encryption Remover 1.4

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Advanced PDF Encryption Remover

Advanced PDF Encryption Remover automates the task of removing encryption, various security permissions and passwords from PDF documents. Valid PDF owner (permissions) password is required in order to
remove these protections from input PDF files.
The application automatically imports all secure PDF documents from a
specific directory and all of its subdirectories. Alternatively, users
can manually import PDF documents that need to be decrypted. For each
imported input PDF document the application creates a decrypted copy of
the original PDF file. Advanced PDF Encryption Remover provides users
with an interface to select output PDF version and supply PDF owner
(permissions) password. In addition to this, the application
automatically persists most recently used input and output directory
paths and allows users to sort input PDF files by path, size and
creation date.


  • Remove encryption from PDF documents
  • Decrypt PDF documents
  • Remove user password from PDF documents
  • Remove document open password from PDF documents
  • Remove owner password from PDF documents
  • Remove permissions password from PDF documents
  • Remove document security restrictions from PDF documents


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