A-PDF Form Data Extractor 1.5.0

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A-PDF Form Data Extractor 1.5.0

A-PDF Form Data Extractor is a simple utility program that lets you batch export PDF form data to CSV or XML file format. It provide a visual form fields extraction rule editor to verify and define what form fields to be gathered conveniently and automatically.


  • No copy and paste forms again: You do not need copy PDF forms data from hundreds submit PDF files again. Using it, you can batch process PDF forms one time.
  • Visual form fields extraction rule editor: A-PDF Form Data Extractor provide a visual rule editor to allow you define the output field, default value and order etc. See below for a quick impression.
  • Output to CSV or XML files: Create one single CSV/XML file from all PDF files. That means, you can easily use your rules anywhere.
  • Save Money: A-PDF Form Data Extractor is a standalone program costing only $27. It does NOT require Adobe Acrobat Pro, which costs hundreds of dollars. 


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