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Quick PDF Converter 4.0

Now, convert PDF to Word, Excel, Image and PostScript with the help of Quick PDF Converter. The converted files can be easily edited at any time as per your requirement. The software saves all the formatting of the original file after conversion. It keeps all text, layout, images and tables intact. Moreover, it gives you the ability to extract relevant images like logos, banners etc from the PDF file. Quick PDF Converter gives you an option to convert your PDF to .rtf format.

Quick PDF Converter converts the PDF documents Microsoft Word documents that can be edited easily while saving its original text layout and images. This conversion application identifies tables, paragraphs, columns etc and replicates the PDF documents to fully formatted Microsoft Word documents competently.

Quick PDF Converter makes sure that your document images are 100% safe as it identifies and separates logos and banners within the Microsoft document. There is no danger of losing them in conversion. So, you need not worry about your graphic intensive document.


  • Convert PDF to Word: Quick PDF Converter enables you to convert PDF files to Word in a simple way. Quick PDF Converter enables you to edit the converted document in Word format. It converts PDF to Word while saving its original layout.
  • Convert PDF to Excel: Quick PDF Converter enables you to convert PDF files to Excel in a simple way. Enjoy the convenience of converting whole PDF file into a single excel sheet. You will find that the multiple pages are clearly split by a single line and pages are numbered precisely.
  • Convert PDF to Image: Quick PDF Converter gives you the advantage of converting PDF to Image. The software allows you to convert PDF into JPEG format. It creates individual image for every page and store in a specified folder for later use.
  • Convert PDF to Postscript: With the Updated Quick PDF Converter, you can easily convert PDF to Postscript. It enables you to select and realize the output or the end result.


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